//Nick Barber
Carnage Uncaged

Carnage Uncaged was my senior project at scad. I worked with a team of eleven students including myself. The team consisted of ten on site students, two students outside of class, and one student working on an independent study.

The game takes place in a large arena. You play as a faction member fighting in a gladiatorial style championship. Each faction has their own character, car, and special weapon. As of now there are three factions in the game.

The main success of the game is its art assets, especially the cars done by Alex Whitt. The Colosseum also has quite a bit of detail in its set dressing.

I also think the game feel is pretty stable. Car physics is always a unique challenge and I’m glad I got to work on it.

The game is mainly lacking some polish. The majority of the team was new to unity game engine meaning me and Story Martin spent a lot of valuable time working on set dressing the game that could have been spent programming and implementing other assets.