//Nick Barber

Drone Full Breakdown

Drone is a game concept that i created during winter 2016. I created everything except the sand dunes, rocks, and music. From start to finish, the game was created in 10 weeks. The game takes roughly 5-10 minutes to play, has a non linear misson, gun combat, and two seperate endings.

The main aspect I wanted to implement was a sprawling world, which the player could freely explore. I found a good-looking asset set for sand dunes and desert rocks, and these serve as a base for the open world. I then created two modular kits, one to make the skyscraper ruins, and another to make the underground complex.

This was also a good exercise in world building, as my goal was to create a narrative with very few words. From looking at the military installations and ruins of skyscrapers, you can tell that the game is in a post-apocalyptic setting. You are also playing as a robot that receives its instructions from the “American Warfare Solutions” company, which all leads to the idea that you play as a military robot that remains after the humans have wiped out each other with advanced technology.