//Nick Barber

Play Vacancy Full Breakdown

Vacancy is a puzzle game about using a trans-dimensional radio to solve puzzles. By tuning your radio, you can intercept signals from parallel dimensions

The game was made for the 2018 game jam at Scad. It won Best In Show, was debuted at a local gaming convention, went on to win best in Georgia, and debuted at Siege con 2018.

Vacancy has since been presented at GDC 2018, Siggraph 2018, Savannah Jepson center alongside Keita Takahashi’s work (Katamari Damacy), and GDC 2019 for the Intel Competition.

We had a team of 8. I was lead programmer and worked in unity alongside Logan McClure. I think this game was a major success, as puzzle games are no easy task to design and create on a limited time budget.

My main responsibility was game design and programming. I ended up creating the movement system, animation controller, dimensional shifting, and puzzle mechanics.

After the jam, I went back and polished the game alongside Alex Childers. We added in two new puzzles, new character animation, Sound design, and reworked the narrative and ending. So far it has had over a hundred plays on itch.io, and even two let’s plays.

To this day vacancy is presented in the main lobby of Montgomery hall at savannah college of art and design, alongside other student works. The crowd reaction seems mainly positive.

Here is a GIF of how it all works. It's fairly simple, we just switch between two or three game objects, and overlay a static effect over the screen to hide the transition.